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Dear valued users,

the teamelio team has been hard at work to improve your task management experience with us. To better serve you, we have restructured the inside and the outside of teamelio in order to meet today’s expectation of a solid web application. We have introduced a full pack of new things on November, 1st that can be used right away!

Check out what’s new!


You are able to create as many individual workspaces as you want – for FREE! Share your workspace with your co-workers, friends or family. Build up relationships, interact with your tasks under one roof and create your task network.

Overview of your workspaces - you can add more for free


The core unit of teamelio has been improved to a more efficient process in order to make handling much faster and easier. After the experience of thousands of processed tasks, the creation, editing, assigning and accomplishing sequences with your team will save you a lot of time.

Your dashboard overview

TEI (Task Efficiency Index)

Benchmark and measure your team’s efficiency on a daily basis. Do you run overpaced or do you process tasks on a reasonable manner? With the TEI you are able feel the pulse of your team’s productivity and it helps to dispatch tasks to the right assignees at the right time.

Each workspace has a task efficiency index (TEI)


teamelio comes now with a cleaner and straight forward look’n’feel. All the unnecessary clutter has been removed to create a design that evolves teamelio’s character and makes it feel lighter.

Task details are clearer for the users

Online Storage

We have reworked the approach of attachments inside of your tasks. Not only that we are giving you now 10x times more GB space but we are about to open up the attachments to all other activities inside of teamelio. You will be able to attach files also inside of comments, notes, blackboards and all upcoming add-ons.

… and much more!

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We are giving away a -10% promotion code (valid to 30.11.2016)


What is changing?

We have changed our product value and its prices. By the introduction of version 2 of teamelio, the basic service remains free, all plans have unlimited workspaces, but the premium lines have new features and prices. The premium lines are “PREMIUM”, “CORPORATE” and “ENTERPRISE” – the last 2 lines will be activated in winter this year. The “PREMIUM” line costs 25€/ month (yearly discount available), includes 30 users (formerly unlimited), 5 GB online storage (formerly 500 MB) and other premium features that you can preview here.

FREE users

Everything stays the same in the basic, but you are able to create as many workspaces as you want.


SUNRISE users will keep their -15% discount on any workspace premium upgrade.


Users that are interested in giving their task management the special boost, after upgrading they can access awesome features that makes it easy to work with large amount of tasks and users. Premium prices can be seen on our plans page here.

PREMIUM users before October, 15th

Please check your emails, we are sending a private email to you.

Here is a summary of the further changes:

Terms and conditions

  • We’ve clarified our policies and how they are applicable to you.
  • We’ve clarified the indirect and direct use of teamelio’s services.
  • We’ve clarified our rules that apply to task content.
  • We’ve clarified our service provision to professional organizations.

You can find out more here.

Privacy Policy

  • For security reasons, we do not collect any data with sensitive information (social security number, credit card information…) and recommend our customers to do the same.
  • We do not sell or rent recipients data collected to any 3rd parties.
  • We may randomly select customers to track/record their browsing experience to improve our services.
  • Data is only retained during the active use of the client account or to the extent the data remains under 10 gigabytes in volume.
  • We’ve updated our office address

You can find out more here.

These changes of our terms and conditions, our privacy policy take effect as of December 1st 2016, and you do not need to take any action to accept these policies. If you continue to use our services on or after December 1st, it implies that you accept these policies.


the teamelio team

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