Online Task Management For Small Business Owners


Small business owners use teamelio to optimize their task management in their companies. The general manager can manage the assignment, commenting, and closing of tasks from a smartphone or tablet using the cloud-based application. Employees can instantly recognize tabs, which tasks have been in progress or completed – even if the manager himself is not in the company.

Running a small business involves wearing a lot of hats. You are confronted with a lot of problems and challenges of your staff and you recognize a deficit in the efficiency when solving them? In small businesses, it is hard to understand what has been done and when tasks are done in time. With teamelio, you can manage, track and delegate tasks with your team without interrupting operations and your workflow.

Every task matters, but some important tasks cannot be forgotten. With task management software, it help you and your team to be more attentive.

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

With teamelio I finally have a clear overview of what’s happening! Instead of running after each employee, I just open my dashboard and can see each status of each task. Great feature: I am notified when a task is not done on time.

Customer via Email

teamelio reduces misunderstandings and we have a much higher efficiency in our meetings!

Customer via Email

Your benefit:

  • Real time task management and updates
  • Real time communication and reminders
  • Productivity report of ongoing and accomplished tasks
  • Easy online access over desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Save time and focus on what really matters
  • Get more value and efficiency from your task manager
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Save paper

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