NEW: Task Templates Shared With Your Team and More

Share task templatesWould you like to standardize the task processes within your team? With the “Share Task Templates” extension, your entire team can access shared task templates and use them directly in new tasks. This saves time and reduces misunderstandings.

Share task templates

If you want to use a task more than once, you should not lose any time to create it over and over again. Instead, you can create and maintain recurring tasks in teamelio, which shall be used many times, very easily and then adjust them anytime. As soon as you want to create a new task, you can call up the task template directly and import the content – that saves time.

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More new features

✔ QR-Code Scan on printed task sheets

✔ PDF Export of single tasks and task lists based on tags

✔ New unit where all uploads are listed up in one overview


✔ Blacklisting of email address based on SPAM suspect

✔ More usability in tags box

✔ Group management directly in team lists

✔ Display of involved users in each single task

✔ Access of tablet devices on the full desktop version

Bug Fixes

✔ Missing filter criteria in export of time tracking lists PDFs

✔ Fix in activities

✔ Fix in deactivation of users

✔ Fix of tag cloud

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