teamelio at a new guise!

After the beta version of teamelio has been online for quite some time now and as it becomes more and more popular, it is time to initiate the next step towards a better and updated version. As of today, teamelio is online in a revised and updated version. We improved usability and application performance as well as the overall functionality. We also introduced the first mobile version.
Some excellent reasons to have teamelio assist you in managing even more of your daily tasks and optimize your workflow in the future.

Here is an overview of some of the most important new features


Increase of performance!

The system is clearly faster. Speed has increased over 60%.

plus button

Less clicks!

We improved the usability of the application in many aspects. The new “+-Button” lets you create tasks and notes from one central area of the application. We also simplified the navigation.



The new calendar on the dashboard gives you a very good overview of your most urgent tasks for the upcoming week.



We also integrated another cool information box into the task area that tells you the status quo of all tasks. The current status of your own personal tasks is indicated to you in your profile from now on as well to give you a good feeling of your work load.


Good overview!

We offer more detailed and visually more appealing statistics.


At time!

You are now able to set an alarm for tasks! Before you miss another deadline, have teamelio send you an e-mail reminder instead!



Also, you can now use teamelio on your smartphone. We developed an all new Web-App that allows you to manage your tasks on the go – with almost any smartphone

Needless to say that, apart from all these changes, we are already working on another update with new features and improvements.

We are always eager to give you, the user, an application that truly supports you in your daily work. That’s why we rely on your help and your feedback to make teamelio better and easier to use. We would like to ask you to participate in our survey or let us know about errors that you found or ideas for improvements that you might have in our feedback-module.

The more people know about teamelio and the more people actually use it, the easier will it be for us to make improvements to it. So, please talk about us on the web! Facebook, Digg or Twitter.

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